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  1. OMSCH

    Directed by Edgar Honetschläger

    Documentary, 83 min, Austria 2013

    Concept by Edgar Honetschläger & Stefan Fauland

    Production: Edoko Institute Film Production

    Editor: Stefan Fauland, Edgar Honetschläger

    Premiere in the competition section of the VISIONS DU REEL in NYON / Switzerland 2013
    Awards: PRIX BUYENS-CHAGOLL - Visions du Réel Nyon

    ‘If you drink this juice you’ll make it to a hundred’ says the young man to his old neighbor, who replies: ‘I made it to a hundred without this juice, didn’t I?’ Humor and wit form the basis to a friendship that bridges a huge age-difference and allows the centenarian to resume: ‘For me the best part of life is being old’.

    Omsch had the ability to make you feel that being a hundred years old is great joy. Emotions do not decrease, no, they gain in intensity, as the years march on. The very old lady’s reasoning, her presence and her unfailing sense of humor were a fountain of youth. A friendship between the old and the young is an infinitely rewarding encounter for both. Getting old is not a threat, nothing one needs to fear –
    it’s rather something one can sincerely look forward to.

    The ‘HEROLD AND MAUDE’ of documentary filmmaking. Luciano Barisone