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  1. Los Feliz

    Directed by Edgar Honetschläger

    Feature Film, Austria 2016

    Production: Edoko Institute Film Production

    Editors: Stefan Fauland, Yorgos Mavropsaridis, Edgar Honetschläger

    Lydia, a museum guard, wants to escape the morbidity of the Rome. Kaya has come to the eternal city from Japan in order to fathom the Western principles of ‘good and evil’ as well as ‘romantic love’ – concepts alien to her culture. She leads Lydia to Salvatore, a distinguished middle-aged man who lives in a church in the countryside. Soon Lydia is convinced that Salvatore holds the key to her desires: fame. Salvatore is being sent on a secret mission by the Vatican. He should liquidate those who threaten the supremacy of the Christian world. As the culprits are to be found in the West the three characters go on a five-day road trip across a staged America. In the new world Lydia turns into a perfect beauty who everyone desires. But wherever they go Salvatore leaves a trace of blood behind. In the midst of their journey they are being accused of having carried out terrorists attacks. On the fifth and last day of their journey they reach the desert, where the threat to the West, the Chinese, who have succeeded to make a better deal with Salvatore, force down Western imagery and exchange it for Chinese ones. Lydia, excited in the beginning of the trip, by now drawn off by nothing but representations of reality, plots with her guardian angel Kaya and they kill Salvatore. They escape to Hollywood where Lydia gets to meet her alter ego: an unsuccessful actress doing a Judy Garland act at celebrity’s kids’ parties. Salvatore resurrects as a plastic surgeon specialised in vaginal rejuvenation and Kaya vanishes as she has fallen for what she is not supposed to feel: Love.